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Self-serve Quick Start Guide

A step-by-step guide on how to get started with your Self-serve plan

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Congratulations on starting your free trial with Veriff! We are so confident that Veriff is the best choice when it comes to identity verification that we give 15 days and 50 verification sessions for free on each plan to see for yourself.

This quick start guide includes step-by-step instructions on how to set up your Identity Verification flow and start verifying your end users’ identities. The steps cover how to:

(a) Add a live integration

(b) Generate a verification

(c) Request a user to go through the verification flow

(d) Review the result

1. Add a live integration

In order to generate live verifications, first you need to have live Integration created that will host all your verifications. This is a one-time operation. Live integrations will count as a session.

⚡️ Go to the "Integrations" page:

⚡️ Click "Add Integration":

⚡️ In the modal, enter a name for your integration:

⚡️ Select "Live integration" and click "Add integration":

2. Create a verification session

Now you can generate verification sessions for your integration.

⚡️ Visit the "Verifications" page:

⚡️ Click "Add Verification":

3. Share the verification session

A session has been generated, and you can share the session by copying the link or the QR code image.

4. Check the results of the verification sessions

Visit “Verifications” page and open the most recent (topmost) verification to review the results.

🎉 Congratulations!

You have completed Basic Identity Verification flow with Veriff, which involved (a) generating verification, (b) requesting user to go through the verification flow and (c) reviewing the result. All steps were performed within Veriff Station, but the same can automated and implemented using Veriff’s API and Webhooks (please see our Developers documentation).

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