Integration is a collection of settings and is distinguished by the API Keys. In short, it means that an integration is a way to exchange data with Veriff.

There are two types of integrations: Test and Live.

Test integrations are meant to be used merely for testing purposes, as you can probably tell by the name. The verifications created in Test integration will not be processed by Veriff.

Live integrations can only be created once you have an active subscription to Veriff. You should use the Live integration to have your customers verified by Veriff.

You can create as many integrations as necessary - there is currently no limit. You can create a new integration by navigating to IntegrationsAdd integration. There you can choose a suitable name and the environment the integration should be in (either Live or Test).

The need for multiple Live integrations might occur if for example:

  • there are multiple products within one account and you need to separate the verifications done for different products

  • there is a need to have different document requirements for different groups of people (e.g. there is a need to accept only X passports in some cases and a need to accept only X driver's licences is other cases). Then redirecting customers to the correct live integration will allow you to do so.

*The best practice usually is to have one Test integration corresponding to one Live integration.

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