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How to create a verification session manually
How to create a verification session manually

Sometimes you need to create sessions manually - here is how to nail it

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Veriff Station offers the option to create verification sessions with a simple press of a button. This article explains exactly how to do so!

  1. Log into your Veriff Station account

  2. Go to Verifications tab


The following Screen will appear:

Firstly, you have to select which integration will be used to create verification sessions.

NOTE: Verification sessions will be processed by Veriff only within Live integrations, so if you are creating a session while testing or in a Production environment - make sure that you select a Live integration. To understand the differences between a Live integration and a test integration, please refer to this article.

After you have selected an integration, you have the option to pre-filll the first and the last name of the person you are creating the session for, however this is completely optional as Veriff will be extracting the first and last name from the submitted document images, and returning it to you via API or via the Veriff Station UI.

You are also able to add a unique ID, however it is also completely optional. It is up to you what you use as the unique identifier - it can be the User ID from your system, email address, order number, phone number or whatever unique ID you choose.

Click on GENERATE VERIFICATION and you will see the following screen

You are now given two options to start the verification session - you can either enter the verification flow by scanning the QR code with your camera OR by accessing the link directly.

You are also able to share both options by clicking on the share button and forwarding one of the said methods to a person that you wish to verify.

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