It depends on the device and browser you are using. Please find your browser/device from the table of content and navigate to the relevant section.

Allowing camera access for:

Google Chrome

1. Open the camera and microphone permissions on the left hand side of the URL bar

2. Allow to access your camera and microphone

3. Refresh the page

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Mozilla Firefox

1. Open the Firefox permissions tab by clicking on the settings widget on the URL bar

2. Allow to use the camera and microphone by clearing the permissions

3. You will be prompted to allow to use your camera. Click Allow

4. You will be directed to the verification flow where your camera will be used to take the photos necessary for the ID verification

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1) If you just ignored the permission pop-up on first time, simply refresh the page and allow our service to use your web camera and microphone

2) If that didn't help, open "Preferences"

3) Click "Websites" tab and make sure both Camera and Microphone are allowed for our site

Alternative method:

1) Open "Settings for This Website"

2) Click on Camera and Microphone settings

3) Choose "Allow" for both permissions

NB! If you did not find these tips helpful, please move to General section

Mobile devices

When your camera is not enabled for mobile devices you will typically see a black screen instead of a camera stream.

To solve the problem follow these instructions


If you have already given our service a permission to use your web camera and microphone, but you are still seeing the troubleshooting page, make sure you have allowed access to your camera for the device you are using. To make sure, what's exactly causing the problem, it's recommended to run a quick test on this webpage: It will help you to distinguish if the issue is caused by your camera or microphone.

After that, you need to simply follow the instructions below to enable your camera and/or microphone access on your device.

Windows 10:

Settings -> Privacy -> Camera & Settings -> Privacy -> Microphone

NB! Make sure both settings 1) and 2) are "On" for both devices Camera and Microphone

Apple Mac OS X:

System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy tab

NB! Make sure you enable access for both Camera and Microphone

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