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Ideally, each and every submitted verification should receive a decision on the first try. However, there are instances where this is not possible. For example, due to issues such as very low document or selfie image quality, a decision can't be given, and the session is resubmitted until the captured images are of a good enough quality to enable a decisive decision status.

Sometimes, this in itself can be an issue. For example, if the individual's device is the source of the problem, there isn't a possible resolution even after a resubmission which can result in a resubmission loop.

Veriff's Resubmission limit is meant to ensure that an end user doesn't get stuck on such a negative loop. In addition, when on the Enterprise Plan, this also means you have control over the amount of resubmission's your customer's can make when getting verified.

How Does It Work?

If your end-user has been prompted to resubmit 9 times during the same session & using the same session ID, their 10th attempt will be automatically declined.

The decline would simply occur as a result of reaching the resubmission limit and they will not be able to make any further resubmissions on that session.

Reason / Granular Code

When a session gets declined due to the resubmission limit being exceeded, the decline reason code will be:

"539" - "Resubmission limit exceeded"

This granular reason code is also noted in our developer's documentation guide here.

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