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Integrating with Veriff: SDKs
Integrating with Veriff: SDKs
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Our Developers Documentation on Integrations contains all information on integrating with Veriff.

More specifically though, we have put together various documentation on how clients on any of our Plans can integrate Veriff into their webpages / apps. For more information on this, please see the following below:

  • InContext Javascript integration - JavaScript SDK integration does not redirect end user to new page but open the verification flow as a pop up over the website/screen of the client’s platform. This SDK is used to render and manage the web app in an iframe directly on a customer’s website.

  • API integration - There are a few scenarios where a client may not wish to use Veriff's native SDK or Veriff's web interface to verify your customers.

    • For example:

      • you wish to completely implement your own front-end

      • you wish to do an offline bulk audit of previously verified customers

      In such cases, you can do the whole process using our API, according to the documentation, and not show any Veriff front end to your customers, or not expect customers to be present for the verification.

JS snippets for redirection and InContext flows in Station

A client can select where and how users will be directed, and can either redirect users to the verification URL (magic/alchemy link) or can trigger InContext SDK as well, which means the verification flow is not opened on A new page but rather within your own page i.e. client’s page. For more information, you can also see our Developers Documentation.

The working code snippets below showing both implementations, are also visible in Station in the Integrations → Installation page, which you can copy-paste into your app or website.

However, If it's the case that your site's built with some other framework (e.g NextJs), which Veriff doesn’t have integration support for, then it won't be possible to provide any snippet in such cases.

Depending on your JS implementation type though, there are 2 ways to import, and these are:

// CommonJS

const Veriff = require('@veriff/js-sdk');

// ES6 style

import 5 import { Veriff } from '@veriff/js-sdk';

For more information on API, you can visit our main Developer's documentation page here:

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