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Veriff’s use of external data sources
Veriff’s use of external data sources
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To support delivery of our certain services purchased by the Customer, Veriff OU (or one of its affiliates) (collectively used here as "Veriff"), may engage and use external data sources, such as data registries, either directly or through a third party service provider. In the event the Customer purchases a service that relies upon such a source, then the Customer authorises and instructs Veriff to transfer the Customer Data to the data source country, data provider and acknowledges and agrees that Veriff may use the registry data for any of the following purposes:

  • Offer a standalone service to verify end-users data against the source

  • Offer identity verification based on the data

  • Offer identity verification assisted by the data

  • Other use-cases as described under Veriff’s agreement with the Customer

All external data sources rely upon third party, e.g. government or proprietary, data sources and resources for which uptime and availability may not correspond to uptime and availability offered by Veriff.

The use of external data sources is offered using different data providers, as listed below, who can also act as our sub-processors. For more information concerning our sub-processors click here.

List of data source countries, data sources, data providers and usage in the context of Veriff’s service


Data source

Data provider

Service description


Estonian Population Registry

Republic of Estonia, Ministry of the Interior

As part of the IDV Service purchased by Customer (as applicable)


Unique Identification Authority Of India (Central Identities Data Repository (CIDR))

Veriff’s subprocessor

Part of Aadhaar Database Verification Check

United States of America

Sub-processor’s proprietary database

Veriff’s subprocessor

Part of Social Security Number Verification Service

United Kingdom

Sub-processor’s proprietary database and searches for PEP & Sanction & Adverse Media checks

Veriff’s subprocessor

Part of the PEP & Sanction & Adverse Media checks in the Service

United Kingdom

Service provider's proprietary database of fraudulent conducts


Part of UKDIATF Certified Identity Verification Solution (Medium Level)

United Kingdom

Sub-processor's proprietary database and searches against proprietary and official databases of electoral roll and credit history

Veriff's subprocessor

Part of UKDIATF Certified Identity Verification Solution (Medium Level)


INE’s Lista Nominal database

Veriff’s subprocessor

Part of INE Database Verification Check


RENAPO (Registro Nacional de Población) database

Veriff’s subprocessor

Part of CURP Database Verification Check


Brazilian Federal Revenue Department (Receita Federal do Brasil)

Brazilian Federal Data Processing Service (Serviço Federal de Processamento de Dados)

Part of CPF Database Verification Check

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