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When using Veriff end-user flow (Web or as SDKs), it might be beneficial to make the flows look like a continuation of a previous user experience.

In order to facilitate this, Veriff offers numerous branding options:


This article describes Web End-user flow (Web EUF) branding.

It is possible to customise the following interface elements:

  • Logo

  • Primary color


Logo is used throughout the Web EUF on the header area of the interface.

It is important to notice that the Veriff logo on the signature will still remain at the bottom of the screen even after client has uploaded a new logo.

Primary color

Primary color is something that the client can specify and that will override Veriff default primary and secondary color for multiple interface components such as: buttons, select options, links, checkmarks.

To customise, go to Integrations, select an Integration and click on "Branding" tab.

NB! As branding changes colors in multiple place, it is important to check how branding looks by generating a session and going over the full flow. Preview in Station does not necessarily give a full overview of changes.

There is a 1 minute delay between submitting changes to branding and actual change in Web End-user flow.

Following user roles have access to the tab:

  • In "Advanced Permissions", "Owners" team by default has the permission for the functionality. Other teams can be assigned "“Ability to see/edit Branding page”

  • In basic permission system, "Admins" and "Developers" have the permissions to access the functionality

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