Veriff will store all verification sessions for a certain time period, during which the verification sessions will be fully visible and accessible within the Veriff Station or Veriff Hub. Once a completed verification session goes over that time period, it is then stored in our archive and is no longer visible within Veriff Station or Veriff Hub.

The sessions will remain in the archive for 12 months or until the termination of the agreement, after which they will be completely removed, or "forgotten". As a client, you are able to request for us to "unarchive" a certain amount of archived verification sessions per month, making them visible once again in Veriff Station or Hub.

The Archival period and the amount of monthly unarchivings is based on the selected Starter Plan.

For Clients on an Enterprise Plan - the archival period, amount of monthly unarchivings and forget period are all customisable.

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