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How does Veriff Station work in demo mode?
How does Veriff Station work in demo mode?

Find out what you can use the demo mode for, how the test sessions in test integration look like and why

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When you sign-up to use Veriff Station, you get access to the product in demo mode.

What it means is that you can set up test integrations, create test verification sessions, change the status of these sessions and start integrating our product into yours.

It is important to note that we will not review your test sessions on our side, as these are meant solely for testing. This is also why we do not display any actual pictures submitted during the test verification session and instead display placeholders that look like this:

If you have tested already and are ready to go or wish to see how our service works live, please start a free Veriff Station trial.

Click on Start free trial and you will be asked to enter your credit card details. Once this is done you can go live! Please note, you will also be asked to verify your identity and to confirm some details about your business when you enter the trial. Kindly ensure you complete this within 3 days from your onboarding.

You will not be billed until the 30-day trial ends, or your 100 free verifications are used, depending on whichever comes first.
You can learn more about the plans available here.

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