Veriff will extract and return the correct customer's name as present on the document. Our service does not reject any verifications when the initial name sent and the name on the document do not match within any extent.

By not making a negative decision based on the user's used name, Veriff enables honest people to verify their ID and use the desired services without any extra name-related troubleshooting. It's often a customer's preference to use a nickname, adapted name, or just omit some of their many middle names.

To sum up,

  • Invalid end-user name data will not result in a declined or resubmitted session.

  • Veriff will provide the end-user name data via webhook based on what was extracted from the ID document (e.g. non-matching or blank name data will be overwritten to what was extracted from the ID document).

If you wish to employ a name matching logic to make sure the name initially entered and the one returned by Veriff match, then you could set it up on your side.

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