If your business is regulated by the KYC and AML laws and rules, you are often required to have the proof of customer's verification. While Veriff stores and holds the customer's media (photos and videos), if you need to store it on your end this article is for you.

The media related to a verification session can be downloaded automatically as described in our documentation.

Getting media for Approved and Declined sessions

First, you need to get the sessionId of the session you want to download the media for. You can find it in the decision webhook (parameter id) which is sent to you when Veriff makes a decision on a verification session. With the sessionID, make a GET request to /sessions/{sessionId}/media endpoint. From there, you will find a mediaId for every media file we have stored.

With the mediaId, you can make a GET request to /media/{mediaId} endpoint to get the media file in .jpeg or .mp4 format. A separate request will have to be made for each media file.

Getting media for Resubmitted sessions

As a new attempt is created for verification sessions which have received a "Resubmission requested" decision, the attemptId will have to be used.
Make a request to v1/sessions/{sessionId}/attempts to get the attemptIds, then use v1/attempts/{sessionId}/media to get media for each separate attempt.

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