You have a right to make the final decision about your customers even after they have completed the verification process with Veriff. 

In order for you to make the final decision, we recommend you create an appropriate functionality in your back-end. This will enable you to either approve or reject applications after you have received our decision.

The additional verification details can be determined in accordance with your business needs and the amount of data and background information available to you about the end-user.

Potential use cases:

  • age checks

  • name validation checks

  • PEP and sanction check matches

  • the customer is unable to pass verification as required but their attempt is sincere and the document is legitimate

  • the customer has made multiple fraudulent attempts to verify and cannot pass Veriff’s verification any more

  • you wish to restrict the user’s access to your platform based on their earlier behaviour

Veriff provides a standardized solution where unconventional user behaviour is not deferred to for the benefit of overall decision quality.

Please note, you cannot change a decision in the Veriff back office. We will only change a decision on our side in case there has been an error and the decision was not correct in the first place.

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