When your customers contacts you with questions about their verification attempt, it is useful to have an understanding of why the verification was not successful and be able to make some suggestions to the customer. You can always send this informative guide with pictures to your customers!

The video/and or photos are missing

  • no face or document in the photos

  • the photos of the document front or backside are missing

  • the customer chose a wrong document type and could not take the photo of the document's back. 

  • the document is closed and the data page is not visible

  • the video and/or portrait+document is missing (if these are required for your integration)

The face is not visible

  • photos are too dark or too bright, the face can not be distinguished

  • the customer wears headgear, garments or glasses which prevents face matching

The full document is not visible

  • the document is outside the photo frame

  • the document data and/or security features are covered by the customer or other objects

The image quality is poor

  • necessary data on the document is not readable

  • some of the security features are not visible

  • a shadow or a light reflection is covering the data

The document is annulled/expired

  • the document is cut, punctured or broken

  • the document is worn out

  • the document's expiry date is in the past (or today)

The document type is not supported

  • the document used is not supported by Veriff or your integration

  • the document is not a valid ID document

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