If you wish to test the behavior of your integration and receive certain decisions when testing your integration with Veriff, create a session and enter "Approve", "Decline" or "Resubmit" in the "firstName" field depending on the desired decision. If the decision is not specified, one of the three will be picked randomly and sent back to you.

This way you will receive an automated response with the decision you entered. This will work only when using a test integration. Verifications done in your live integrations will be treated normally and these should not be used for testing purposes. 

What you can test: 

  • User is granted access to your platform after receiving an "Approved" decision

  • User is notified about verification failure after receiving "Resubmission" or "Declined" decision

  • User is prompted to try again after receiving "Resubmission" decision

What if you need to test handling different customer data?

If you wish to receive certain customer or document data along with the verification decision response, you can include this data this in the initialization data when creating the verification session. It will be retained throughout the verification and included in the decision webhook response

Example: Receiving an approve for the US citizen

    "verification": {
"lang": "en",
"person": {
       "idNumber": "38218.9318",
       "lastName": "Approved",
       "firstName": "Approve"
"callback": "https://awesome.page",
"document": {
       "type": "ID_CARD",
       "number": "Q021234567",
       "country": "US",
       "nationality": "US"
"features": [
"timestamp": "2016-05-19T08:30:25.597Z",
"vendorData": "11111111"

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