Veriff is monitoring hundreds of Politically exposed (PEP), sanctioned and special interest persons lists concurrently in real-time to identify individuals who are or have been entrusted with a prominent public function either domestically or abroad.

Sanctions and Watchlists checks are available, making it possible to run the end-user's data through government databases (1000+ lists) to determine whether they are prohibited from using a certain service.

Adverse Media & Information (AIM) allows gaining extra context around the end-user. Veriff uses the power of AI and ML to screen through millions of articles across hundreds of countries every day, and identify every name, person, organization in every article. Performing these checks is one of Veriff's optional services.

When this service is activated, Veriff will send a "no match" or a "possible match" answer string with the decision webhook along with the other data about the person.

Returning Results

The data from the document (first name, last name and and the date of birth) is used to perform the PEP, Sanctions, Watchlists, and Adverse Media & Information checks.

The contents of a possibly matched check result can be obtained by using the following endopint: /sessions/{sessionId}/watchlist-screening (GET)

You can also set up a Watchlist screening webhook in Veriff Station
(in the Integration tab under the "Settings" section)

To see the full list against which we perform the checks please send a request to our Customer Support at

NB! PEP and sanctions check is turned off for testing integrations

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